Selling Without The Ick

5 Week Mini-Course

The PERFECT blend of strategy and mindset to feel inspired AF to shout about your offers, sell to your dream audience, and build a wildly successful, sustainable, and soulful business... without the ICK!

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The Mini MINDSET Makeover: Masterclass

These 5 mindset shifts will boost your motivationsquash your negative patterns and help you feel incredible in your skin while working towards your physical transformation goals.

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The REAL SECRET: Masterclass

This mind-blowing secret NOBODY tells you about body image will change the game for you so you can finally stop letting your body consume your thoughts, and start falling in love with your life.

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STEAL My Biz Plan: Workshop

Steal my business planning secrets + give yourself the mindset makeover you need to map out your best months yet to grow a wildly successful business in a way that feels dreamy for YOU.

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Daily Gratitude Journal

Change your world in just 2 minutes a day with this morning and evening gratitude journal! A perfect way to add some mindful brain-dumping into your world!


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Daily Planner

Channel your admin queen vibes and get organised as FUDGE with this daily to-do list, hourly schedule + non-negotiables checklist!


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